6 Signs That Your Heating System Needs a Repair

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When heating systems break down, they can make your home cold and uncomfortable. However, if you can identify the signs of heater problems before they reach a critical point, you can preemptively schedule a repair.

What are the causes of heater failure?

Heating repair are designed to make a few quiet sounds while running, but banging, clanking or screeching noises that are out of character should signal that your system needs repairs. These sounds may indicate a worn motor bearing, damaged wire or other issue.

A broken furnace is an expensive mistake to make. It’s always better to get it repaired before the season hits so you can stay comfortable and save on energy costs in the future.

Problems with Electric Ignition and Pilot Control: When these parts fail to work correctly, your furnace won’t circulate the heat needed to keep your house warm. The pilot light should be blue, not yellow, and the flame should continuously burn without flickering.

Short-cycling: When your heater turns on and off for brief periods, this can indicate a problem with the heat exchanger or a broken coil. Call a heating technician to check out the unit and determine if repair is necessary.

Weird Smells: A furnace that produces a musty, stale smell could be releasing contaminants into the air. Having the ducts cleaned and insulated regularly can help prevent this from happening in the future.

Leaking Pipes: Tightening the pipes that lead to your heater is a fairly easy DIY fix. Start by loosening the joint using a wrench or other tool, then re-tighten it.


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