Pedal Bin Pedestal

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Pedal Bin

Pedal Bin Pedestal is a beautiful and easy to use stainless steel storage unit for tub and vanity combinations. The unit has an attractive, flush mount design that easily fits onto a countertop, or on a pedestal, which can be mounted on a wall. The unit comes in a variety of sizes so you are sure to find the right size for your bathroom. It has a high top that helps to give a more stable surface to avoid accidents from happening and prevents scratching. There are also several convenient storage pockets for your toothbrush, shampoo bottle, conditioner bottle, and other cleaning supplies.

Pedal Bin Pedestal

Pedal Bin Pedestal makes an elegant addition to any home. They come in an array of colors including white, black, cream, blue, green, red, brown, purple, and many more. You are sure to find one that compliments your existing fixtures. They make excellent storage bins because they are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other storage units. You will notice that these units cost less to purchase than other storage units because there is no assembly involved, which can be time consuming. You will also find that the unit is easy to clean because it doesn’t need to be refilled, and the unit is resistant to dust mites.

Pedal Bin Pedestal is guaranteed to work for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, den, office, bedroom, and more. The product comes with a two year limited warranty. They also have free lifetime technical support.

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