Checklist while hiring SEO Company Kolkata by SEOcontrol

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SEO Companies create high ranking websites which are easy to find on the internet. The full form of the abbreviation SEO is Search Engine Optimization. They are required to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to a particular website through organic search engine results. There are crawlers which go out to gather all the information available on the internet. Then all this information is fed through an algorithm that matches the data with your query.  kolkata seo companies like SEOcontrol write the content of the websites, make it attractive so that search engines understand what they are seeing and the website comes at the top of the algorithm. They make the title tags and meta descriptions informative and of the right length to pointing internal links. This will gather more visitors to the web page and lead to buying products or services.

Kolkata is a place of culture, education, discussions and unconventional thinking. Initially the IT industry never flourished like in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Now, Kolkata is seeing a rise in a lot of inward investment. Tax income has more than doubled in the last five years, per capita income has grown more than double the national rate. The city must institutionalize the state government’s Start Up Bengal Initiative. There is a lot of scope in Kolkata educational institutions for building a dedicated technology transfer and commercialization of higher education institutions.  SEO Companies are required to optimize this situation in a bullish market.


Famous 5 Reasons

  • Catchy Web address


A SEO company will help you choose an appealing domain name. Domain name is a unique, human –readable internet address of websites. It includes a top-level domain like .com, .net, .org, .edu, and unique domain names that represent the specific unique location of a website.  The combination of the unique domain name and top level forms the complete website address. The SEO company will make it short, easy to remember, easy to type and easy to say at the same time include keywords which make it obvious to visitors, what your business does. 

  • Homepage made simple


Processing fluency impacts, web marketing to a great extent. Things those are easier for us to comprehend, things which are simpler for us to digest, attracts us more.  A SEO company will make the homepage easier to understand, will have phrases that we have heard many times which will be in public memory.  They will make the layout with such finesse that, the homepage will look more credible, more believable and more likely to induce action. 

  • Load a page in milliseconds


A SEO company will fix the page load time.  The page load time is a very essential entity for visitors. When something loads more quickly, we are more likely to stay on that page and to trust that brand more.  We will use the website more and we are also more likely to recommend it to others. 

  • High thinking, familiar designing

A SEO company will design the webpage on the familiarity of experience that people have.  The people should feel that they know how to use a search engine, a web analytics product or an e commerce site. People should be familiar to the page layout, it should be easy for them to handle. The navigation bar, the menu, the time frame, the data chart should automatically come within the frame of the eye.  All this falls within a pattern and these patterns are successful when they are repeated.  The SEO Company will just do the right thing.

  • Go with the flow


A SEO Company is up to date with the changing protocol of rankings in search engines. Earlier “keyword- rich” domain names carried a lot of weight as a ranking factor. In recent years Google has made several changes which de-prioritized sites which are with key rich domain but has low-quality content.  SEO Company will make sure that the page should serves the need of the audience, and at the same time is search engine friendly.


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