Review of Havaianas UK

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Havaianas UK is a British manufacturer and distributor of sandals, flip flops, wedges, clogs, sandals for summer and spring. It was established in 1998 by Paul Few. The company’s main product range includes branded clogs, sandals and flip flops for men, women, kids and babies. This brand designs footwear based on high-performance comfort, innovation, and style. The shoes are also designed to accommodate diverse levels of activity.

Fast-track Your Havaianas Flop Store

The flipflops – Flop Store can be classified into several categories. There are athletic flip flops for fun and sports wear, dress flipflops, work shoes flipflops, casual flip-flops, and gym flip-flops. Apart from these, the store also sells a variety of other types of flipflops like wedges, court shoes, training shoes and trainers. Some popular styles of Havaianas include La Verde, Offa Beach, Reef, River, Silver Star, Sunset and Supernova. The various styles and colors of flip-flops also have their own unique selling features.

The stores are located in many shopping centres both in Britain and Europe. Some of the most popular stores are situated in Liverpool, Merseyside and London. They also sell through mail order from the main offices of the brand in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. A majority of Havaianas distributors sell the shoes online. Many online websites also sell flipflops produced by this renowned footwear brand.


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