Stomach Exercises With Kettlebell

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stomach exercises with kettlebell

stomach exercises with kettlebell are a great way to add variety and challenge to your workouts. They are also a fantastic exercise to burn fat and improve your overall core strength.

Lie on the floor and bring your legs and torso up into a V-shape with your knees bent. Make sure that your feet are not pressed down into the ground as this will weaken your core.

Rotational Sit Ups x 12

While a sit up is a great abdominal exercise, adding in an imbalanced load placement can further increase core strength and anti-rotational core stability. Do these weighted sit ups with a kettlebell to maximize the challenge and improve core balance while reducing the risk of injury.

A Quick Kettlebell Abs Workout That Targets Your Obliques

Single Arm Side Load March x 20

This is a basic yet effective anti-lateral flexion exercise that helps strengthen the entire body and builds hip stability. The march is great for improving coordination and overall fitness.

Kettlebell Carry x 10

This exercise is a great way to build core strength by incorporating anti-lateral flexion into the routine. This variation, known as the farmer’s carry, places the load on one side of your body and requires you to walk forward, maintaining a stable torso and balancing while carrying the weight on that side.

Typewriter Drags x 12

This weighted “chop” movement will challenge your core as you try to balance while staying in a half-kneeling position. The challenge is to stay balanced without allowing the weight to twist, says Duncan.


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